Albemarle Pediatrics goal is to keep our patients and staff healthy. With that in mind, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are working to keep well and sick visits separated. We have heightened our cleaning efforts and removed all unnecessary surfaces for hands to touch. Please bring your own toys and books to entertain your child if needed.

Also, it is very important to let us know if you have traveled to a high risk area or been exposed to anyone with a laboratory confirmed case of Coronavirus. If your child has cough and fever, please let our office know before coming into the office. You will be given specific instructions to follow. Please also limit the number of individuals present at each visit.

The following is what we have currently put in place for our patients:

  • We have temporarily suspended our early morning walk-in clinic
  • We are rescheduling all checkups to the morning hours and will see all sick patients in the afternoon hours. (If your child has a checkup in the afternoon we will contact you to reschedule. If it is the day before your checkup and you have not been contacted then please contact our office to reschedule)
  • If your child has a checkup and has a fever please call the office for instructions
  • Please limit the number of people that come in for your child’s appointment (i.e. siblings, grandparents).

El objetivo de Albemarle Pediatrics es mantener a nuestros pacientes y personal sanos. Con esto en mente, debido a la pandemia del Coronavirus (COVID-19), estamos trabajando para mantener bien y enfermos las visitas separadas. Hemos aumentado nuestros esfuerzos de limpieza y eliminado todas las superficies innecesarias para que las manos las toquen. Por favor, traiga sus propios juguetes y libros para entretener a su hijo si es necesario.

Además, es muy importante hacernos saber si ha viajado a una zona de alto riesgo o ha estado expuesto a cualquier persona con un caso confirmado de laboratorio del Coronavirus. Si su hijo tiene tos y fiebre, por favor informe a nuestra oficina antes de entrar en la oficina. Se le darán instrucciones específicas a seguir. Por favor, limite también el número de personas presentes en cada visita.

Lo siguiente es lo que hemos implementado actualmente para nuestros pacientes:

  • Hemos suspendido temporalmente nuestra clínica ambulante temprano en la mañana.
  • Estamos reprogramando todos los chequeos para las horas de la mañana y veremos a todos los pacientes enfermos en las horas de la tarde. (Si su hijo tiene un chequeo por la tarde, nos pondremos en contacto con usted para reprogramarlo. Si es el día anterior a su chequeo y no ha sido contactado, comuníquese con nuestra oficina para reprogramarlo).
  • Si su hijo tiene un chequeo y tiene fiebre, llame a la oficina para recibir instrucciones.
  • Limite la cantidad de personas que vienen a la cita de su hijo (es decir, hermanos, abuelos).

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Developmental Milestones

Developmental Milestones

Parents often ask "what should my child be doing at this age?" It is natural to wonder about the development of your child compared to other children and ask, "is my child normal?" Children develop at different rates and they may be quick in one area while slower in another. Don't expect your child to go from sitting to running just because it is their birthday. Developmental milestones are simply average ages that children begin to do certain things. Here are some basic milestones that pediatricians look at when evaluating your child's development during the first two years.

2 Months Holds head steady while sitting.
Smiles in response to face or voice.
Stares momentarily at a spot where an object just disappeared.
4 Months Grasps rattle.
Reaches for objects.
Palmar grasp reflex (hold your finger tightly) is gone.
Stares at own hand.
6 Months Sits without support.
Rolls back to stomach.
Single-syllable babbling (la la la, ba ba ba, etc.)
8 Months Grasps items between thumb and finger.
Stops when hears "no".
Understands one-step commands (give it to me, come here, etc.)
12 Months Walks alone.
Speaks first real word.
Turns pages of a book.
15 Months Begins to run.
Builds a tower of two blocks.
Speaks 4-6 words.
18 Months Runs.
Speaks 10-15 words.
Begins to use 2-word sentences (mommy shoe, etc.)
Pretend play (gives a doll a shot)
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